Marking 100 years of The Duke Endowment: Established by James B. Duke and inspired by the people of the Carolinas, we invest in a vision for our shared future.

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Living Our Story Together

Our story is made up of thousands of other stories, including many from grantees and partners whose passion and commitment, caring and hard work enrich lives and strengthen communities across the Carolinas for generations.

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Our History & Legacy

James Buchanan Duke was one of the great industrialists of the 20th century and became one of its most prolific philanthropists, too. His legacy, just like his work, builds on the efforts that came before and contributions of many.

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Our Leadership

For 100 years, our trustees and staff have led the work that Mr. Duke started and have remained true to his vision.

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News & Media

Throughout the year, the Endowment will make announcements about grants, events and impact across the Carolinas. Get updates as we mark our Centennial and celebrate the work that Mr. Duke began.