Traveling Exhibit Allows Visitors to Explore the Legacy of James B. Duke and The Duke Endowment

As part of The Duke Endowment’s yearlong centennial celebration, the Endowment will tour a traveling exhibit throughout North Carolina and South Carolina to educate and engage the public about the vision of its founder, James B. Duke, and a century of progress he made possible. The exhibit will be available at the Upcountry History Museum in Greenville Feb. 10 to March 3.

Through interactive content panels and digital experiences, visitors will learn how Mr. Duke and The Duke Endowment helped shape the Carolinas and how Mr. Duke’s generosity continues to support the region today. It will also feature stories of the Endowment’s grantees through the years. The dual-sided exhibit focuses on the Endowment’s past and present. On one side, visitors can learn about Mr. Duke and the Duke family, their legacy of community building and philanthropy, and the creation of The Duke Endowment. The other side shares the story of the Endowment today, one century later, and the lasting impacts of its work.

The exhibit was created through a collaboration between The Duke Endowment and Conner Prairie – a leader in creating innovative and engaging museum experiences. The exhibit’s next stop is the Anderson County Museum in Anderson, S.C., beginning in early March.